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From development sites and office spaces, through to residential properties of all sizes, our property team will quickly take on board what is important for your business or your personal plans and work with you to make sure the legal situation fits with your understanding.


We will help you keep control of your transaction and its costs.


Acting for purchasers/tenants: On development sites we can fit comfortably into your team of site assessment experts and help you negotiate the purchase terms you need.  When acting on new business leases we will keep things as simple and as standard as you wish, whilst bearing in mind your long-term options for termination or expansion.  We appreciate the importance of new residential schemes being easy to market and sell quickly and will strive to negotiate a development set-up that would be accepted by eventual purchasers and their solicitors.


Acting for sellers/landlords: Our anticipation of a buyer's solicitors' questions and preparation of a complete seller's pack can save considerable time and help promote respect and goodwill between the parties.  Use of modern, industry standard leases helps reduce costs and negotiation time.


Residential: Freehold and leasehold, shared ownership, lease variations and extensions.  We do not operate a residential conveyancing service, but are able to offer problem-solving and support for property owners or prospective buyers, and tenants.


Leaseholder enfranchisement: We can advise on the different enfranchisement options available to leaseholder groups and help navigate a claim through the practical issues, formalities and time scales involved.


Important note about tax:

We will help clients to complete their Land Transaction declarations (where appropriate) and will carry out basic SDLT calculations.  In the case of purchases in joint names, we will discuss the inheritance and IHT implications of holding the beneficial interest in the property as joint tenants or tenants in common.  Beyond these specific areas, we are not qualified to advise on the tax implications of property transactions or on possible tax reduction or tax planning, and you should consult your accountant or a tax specialist as soon as a deal is under negotiation.  The structure of a deal can affect income and capital gains tax liability under both the corporate and personal tax regimes, and capital allowances claims by the other party to the transaction can affect what you are able to claim.

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