What is Thea Limited?

Our aim is a very simple one.  It is to give our clients a voice.  This may be by advising or representing you.  Or it may involve creating the space in which you can speak for yourselves to whomever it is you want to listen to you.

The voice that we give you may be channelled through various media.  It may take the form of a legally binding contract.  But it will often also include the steps involved in negotiating and enforcing such a contract.

We will in the process help you show other people and their representatives what they need to see to make a decision.

We will take detailed instructions from you, and will advise you how to manage you case or transaction towards an achievable outcome.

Where we also act as your representatives, we will seek to explain the material you provide us with in a coherent, persuasive and compelling way, so as to obtain the best possible result for you.

We try to avoid decisions passing out of the hands of the parties if at all possible. 

We are keen that you our clients use the voice that we give you to engage directly with the other party or parties that you are seeking to deal with.  We have ample experience of courts, tribunals, arbitrators, adjudicators, and similar third-party decision-makers, and of third-party funders public and private who support these processes.  Our experience is that they bring delay, expense and unpredictability, with limited control left in the hands of you the parties.

We want you our clients to remain in control and to achieve outcomes that you have identified and chosen for yourselves.

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  • When the council's longest ever and most complex land reclamation contract fell into dispute, Peter provided us with legal advice and guidance...

  • Peter was the working focal point of the legal services provided to the team. He acted upon directions from Senior Partners and was always responsive to our...

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Thea Limited
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