Solicitors and mediators for construction contract disputes and payments

Private Sector

We have experience of contract negotiations and disputes involving home owners, construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, and professional consultants.

We are familiar with the particularly acute cash-flow constraints that are a feature of the construction industry.

We have particular expertise in obtaining interim payments in adjudication and achieving negotiated settlements before excessive expense or exposure to risk is incurred.

As a private legal practice ourselves, we bring a commercial consciousness to the table with our legal expertise. We too have to manage cashflow, and deal with a variety of bodies with differing levels of bargaining power. We aim to advise you on what is legally possible in a context of what is commerically realistic.  We seek to put you in a position where you can take decisions and make choices in challenging situations and avoid having to surrender decision-making power over your affairs to third parties.

We are conscious that dispute resolution processes can move with great rapidity in the construction industry.  Our experience of taking cases to a full trial in court, with the evidence that is ideally required to prove or defend a claim, can help you to assemble and analyse evidence rapidly if, for example, you find yourself responding to a referral to adjudication, or entering a mediation or without prejudice negotiation.  We can also help you find technical experts to assess the performance of your project partners and provide opinion evidence on liability and quantum if required.  Our experience, however, shared by others, is that the parties themselves remain the leading experts on their own affairs, and that if a dispute is properly managed, this expertise can be harnessed to find a solution at significantly less cost than engaging teams of lawyers and experts to present the case to a court.

Our Principal has acted successfully as mediator and mediation advocate in a number of construction disputes involving private parties with and without insurance.

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  • Peter was the working focal point of the legal services provided to the team. He acted upon directions from Senior Partners and was always responsive to our...

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