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We have standard terms of engagement which we ask all our clients to sign before we undertake any work.  These are different depending upon whether we are being engaged as solicitors or mediators.  A brief summary is set out below.


We have standard Terms of Business.  A copy is available on request.

We will normally confirm the specific scope of our instructions as solicitors in a letter of engagement.  This will form part of the terms of our appointment.


We have a standard Mediation Agreement which the mediator we provide (normally our Principal) will enter into with all the parties to the mediation.  A copy can be downloaded here.

We do not offer advice when appointed as mediators, and so the Mediation Agreement will cover all the terms of the appointment. The Agreement will be between the nominated mediator and the all the parties involved in the mediation; it is therefore important that consent is obtained from all potential parties to the mediation before an approach to us is made.


We charge an agreed hourly rate (to which VAT will be added) for the time that we spend on your case.

In accordance with current guideline hourly rates approved by the courts, this will be between £229 and £317 plus VAT for our Principal, depending upon the client, their location, and the nature of the instruction.

We invoice these fees and any disbursements that we incur at the end of each month, with payment due within 28 days.

We can discuss how to control cost for you, but this must be done in the context of controlling the time commitment for us.

We provide indicative costs for debt collection work on a separate page on this tab.

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