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We offer a single point of contact and a cost-efficient service for county court litigation.

We will advise on the merits of a claim or defence, draft statements of case for the court (including for any applicable pre-action protocol process), proof witnesses, and represent you at hearings as your advocate.

We find that the litigation process consistently turns one dispute into three.  The first is the original dispute, which, by the time it is translated into legal language and categories, may be difficult for the parties to recognise as their own.  The second is a dispute over the combined legal costs and disbursements of the parties, and whether one side should have to meet any or all of the other side’s costs.  The third is a dispute over when money or other property will actually change hands.

One of the basic challenges of litigation is to analyse the first dispute adequately so as to be in a position to take decisions before the second dispute assumes too great a significance, and the party from whom payment is sought wins the third dispute by default.

Our ethos (see “Why Thea Limited?”) favours keeping our clients in control of their affairs, including their disputes.  We therefore seek to work with clients who are prepared to be actively involved in the resolution of their dispute, and make choices and decisions based upon available information and advice.  Going to trial and obtaining a final decision from a judge should be a last resort, when faced with an unreasonable opponent with a poor case who will not negotiate sensibly.

If you approach litigation in this way, and your opponent does not, then your risk of having to pay his costs if he is successful is diminished.

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